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My name is Ty Darlington and I am a former student-athlete at the University of Oklahoma. After the conclusion of my football career, I spent a year working in Student-Athlete Development at OU as an Administrative Fellow for the Student-Athlete Experience. Additionally, I made appearances for Sooner Sports TV as an analyst, and I contributed on the radio through several stations, most regularly 107.7 The Franchise. During my time on the OU football team (2012-2015), I was apart of two conference titles and an appearance in the semifinal game of the College Football Playoff. In August of 2017, I made my debut in the coaching world. I now am a member of the Sooners coaching staff as an Offensive Quality Control specialist. I officially assist with quarterbacks and receivers, though I often find myself gravitating back to my roots on the offensive line. Off the field, I am assigned to the GrowU player development program, where I seek to help our players discover their identity away from the playing field.

Away from my work responsibilities, I am passionate about my relationship with Jesus Christ, my family, and serving others. I hail from Apopka, FL, and am the oldest of seven children, all of which have been raised by my two incredible parents. My girlfriend is way more athletic than I am, and I couldn’t be more proud of that fact. I have served in various roles as a representative of the OU football team, the University of Oklahoma, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and the Big 12 Conference. Those are my affiliations, but I won’t list my personal accolades or accomplishments here. The purpose of this blog is to provide a transparent view into the mind of a student-athlete that saw a little bit of everything, and now a coach who is experiencing many of the same things from a different perspective I hope you enjoy my personal opinions, and I would love to hear back from you!

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  1. Amazing article. Looking forward to learning more about you in the future. Thanks for all your efforts while at OU. Grew up in Oklahoma, now living in Lincoln, NE but always a Sooner.Boomer!


  2. I’ve been an OU Adan since 1977 and a Titans fan since 1980. So, did you sign a FA contract with the Titans?


  3. Ty, your years as my tenant proved to me that you and your roommates practice your faith every day. The very best to you. Thanks for loving Jesus in front of us.


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