Bedlam ’16- A Legacy Game


We are Oklahoma.

There is Only One.

This Saturday, the University of Oklahoma football program will try for its 10th Big 12 championship.

But for this team, this is the ONLY Big 12 championship.

You see… Each team is separate. Each team is unique. Each team has its own identity. Each team has one season to leave a legacy.

For the 2016 Oklahoma Sooners, this is a legacy game.

A year ago, on Friday night before Bedlam, the members of the 2015 Sooners gathered together shortly before curfew. Players only. There had been tense, corrective, crisis-centered Players Only meetings in the past. But not this one. This one was about reflecting. On what it took to get there. On what this win would mean for our legacy.


An absolutely incredible feeling


We had one game. One chance to hang a conference championship banner in the indoor, where Sooners thirty years from now will stare in desperation as Schmitty calls the med ball count from his wheelchair.

In a tradition such as Sooner football, each team and each class of senior has an obligation: to uphold that tradition. A championship is evidence of a promise kept and a tradition upheld.

At Oklahoma, conference championships are not the ultimate goal. We strive to compete for national championships year in and year out. But, in a college sports environment where good is never good enough, it is crucially important that we celebrate and appreciate the successes, for they are exceedingly difficult to come by.


So… Sooner fans…. Put aside thoughts of bowl games and playoffs for just a moment, and take time to appreciate the opportunity that this group of Sooners have in front of them on Saturday. Despite the 1-2 start. Despite the injuries. Despite all of the outside noise…. These young men are poised to win a conference championship and raise their banner.

That means something.

Between the Sooners and their banner are 60 minutes of football against a very good Oklahoma State Cowboy squad. For the next few days, that’s all that matters.

After that, we can all return to our prognosticating and criticizing and planning for the future.


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