Queso Top 10


On this past week’s edition of The Huddle, I expressed my love for queso and vigorously expressed my preference for queso over guac. I proclaimed that I can rank my top 10 Norman-area quesos, and since then I have been asked to back-up that claim. So, after consulting with fellow queso aficionados Connor Knight and Maddie Manning, here is my comprehensive list.

1. Saltgrass Steakhouse

This may strike some as strange, but its an undiscovered gem in the queso universe. The queso blanco and pico are a solid combo, but the shredded brisket is what makes the difference.

2. Charleston’s

Some might prefer the spinach dip, but Charleston’s queso is legit. Their chips are also typically hot and fresh. Do yourself a favor and order a side salad as well so you can get a croissant roll.

3. Louie’s

Kinda similar to Charleston’s. Solid all-around.

4. Toby’s

Queso blanco. Lindsey St. construction is preventing me from consuming this regularly and I’m upset.

5. Torchy’s

New kid on the block. The avocado is a game-changer. Look out Norman.

6. Chili’s

I am not above leaving Torchy’s and walking next door to get some Chili’s skillet queso. Benn a huge fan since I was a very young lad.

7. The Mont

Some might say The Mont should be higher up sheerly because of the location and atmosphere. When paired with a Swirl, this queso could be slated a bit higher.

8. The Garage

The drop-off is definitely real right about here. But The Garage is a solid choice.

9. Fuzzy’s

A little runny for my liking, but delicious nonetheless.

10. Cheddar’s

It’s really a toss-up here. Cheddar’s is decent with the sausage in it.


A key point is that free queso is not good queso. Any place that gives you free queso when you walk in (Ted’s, Tara’s, etc), is generally not much more than nacho cheese. Take your queso choices seriously people! And let me know the top spots that I’m missing!




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