College Football is Back!

Opening Weekend

At long last! It’s time for all the preseason predictions to be thrown in the trash, and for all the pundits (myself included) to shut their mouths! The players are gonna play, the coaches are gonna coach, and everyone else gets to just sit back and behold the spectacle!

For the first time in eight years, I will not be playing a football game this weekend! In anticipation of this emotional conflict that is bound to occur, I’ve spent the last few weeks looking for a suitable distraction. At long last, I think I found a pretty good one: The Best College Football Weekend Ever Experienced in the History of Fandom. Read it and weep ladies and gentlemen. I relish your jealousy. Three of the four toughest tickets on what many are calling THE BEST OPENING WEEKEND IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL!! 

Oklahoma vs. Houston


Bama vs USC


Notre Dame at Texas


3 games. 2 days. 1 incredible weekend of football. Why? Because I can. How? Don’t worry about it. What I need from you is some advice! My compatriot on this adventure is none other than fellow former fat man John Phillip Hughes. Naturally, our first question for you is “Where do we eat?!” All the weight-loss rules are on hold for this glorious weekend, and we want to hit the distinctive spots in Houston, Dallas, and Austin! Besides that, where are the best tailgating spots? What places do we need to visit on campus in Austin? Help us out!

Everything we do this weekend will be well-documented. We plan on recording the sights and sounds at every venue, and then we will put together a segment on our experiences for Sooner Sports TV. What kinds of questions should we ask fans? Be creative and help us out!

JP and I in our larger days

The Season Slate

If you thought this weekend would be the extent of my tour, you thought wrong! Whenever the Sooners are out of driving distance, you’ll find me in some other college town across America, watching one of my best friends play football. Here’s the lineup for the season!

September 24- Texas A&M vs Arkansas

Dallas, TX

TK is set to lead the Aggies into battle!

October 22- Fresno St at Utah St

Logan, UT

Joey “Fingaz” Palange is ready to run power

November 5- Oregon at USC

Los Angeles, CA

T-Mac is back in Cali to follow up a strong Junior campaign

November 19- Maryland at Nebraska

Lincoln, NE

My lil bro Zack will make his debut at wideout this season

As you can see, it’s going to be a busy season! I can’t wait to experience it all, and I’ll be sure to write blogs about my experiences at each of these unique venues! But for now, my focus is on this jam-packed weekend, as I leave for Houston bright and early.

Let the Chase for 8 begin!





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